Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Las Vegas for fun

Hello again, lovelies!

I'm continuing to hop across this little country of ours, so my schedule has been somewhat erratic.  This week I'm in Tampa; next week, West Palm Beach; the following week, Connecticut again; and after that is Louisiana and then bumf*ck nowhere Michigan.  Pray that I don't get eaten by a moose. Thanks!

But I do really need to get myself on some kind of schedule so I can get these posts out more regularly.

Anywho, 3 weeks ago (wow, time flies!), I went to Vegas with the fiance, my cousin Jennica and her boyfriend Jeffrey, and my sister and her friend Lindsay.  We walked a lot, ate a lot, drank a lot, spent a lot, and gambled a little.

I gotta admit, the gambling was the least appealing thing about Vegas for me.  I hate gambling.  By the end of the trip, we'd lost about $50, and all I can think is that with $50 I could have drank a hell of a lot more. We tried to get the most out of our money by ordering lots and lots of those free drinks while we gambled.  We hoped that whatever money we lost, we could recuperate in alcohol, but trying to find one of those pit waitresses is nearly impossible.  :(

While we were in Vegas, we saw as many of the hotels/casinos on the strip as possible, ate at fun/fancy restaurants, caught a bunch of free shows, and also saw some not-so-free shows, including Cirque de Soleil's "O" and Blue Man Group.

My favorite day was when we rented a car and drove out to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.   Jeffrey was really really hyper.  He was bouncing off the walls of the van.  We nearly peed our pants laughing at his antics.  At one point, he jumped out of the car, put his shirt on his head and pretended to be running across the boarder; which is extra hilarious for us because Jeffrey and Chris are always making fun of us Cubans for "swimming to the states", so we tease them for being central/south American and say that they ran across the boarder.


On the way to the Canyon, we found this ranch that had all this really random stuff on it, like a mini-Old Western town made up of movie set style facades-complete with a jail and gallows, dirty one-eyed dogs with bandanna collars, covered wagons, and tepees. It was so stereotypically "rest-stop in the middle of nowhere", that we ran around like nuts having fun and taking pictures before my sister made us leave because she felt like the ranch was a creepy place where people disappear. (NUT JOB, my sister is)

And then we got to the Canyon:

As you can see, we're pretty freaked out in some of these pictures.  Check out Jennica panicking in that middle one, lol!

There are no rails, guards, ropes, safety nets, fences, or any protection of any kind when you get to the Grand Canyon.  You could walk right up to the edge and jump off, and there'd be nothing and no one to stop you.  In fact, some people free climbed down the side a little.  We decided not to be that stupid.

It was beautiful, even thought it was a little crazy to be that close to the edge with crowds of people around. Chris was freaking out because he's afraid of heights and I'm so proud of him because he got really close to the edge!!  He realized it was so beautiful, that it would be pretty silly to not see it just because you're afraid.  This is what living fearlessly is all about.  It's not about not having fear. It's about learning to overcome it.   

I, on the other hand, have no fear of heights and have been to the canyon before, so I was running around like a loon and taking pictures.  Chris only yelled at me a little. :)

I took so many pictures, that I started getting bored and I messed around with some of them using different apps on my phone:

Not all of them are winners. Jennica looks like an Oompa Loompa and I look like a ghost in that top pic. 

Fuuuuuuuun!  This ended up being a really awesome vacation despite the fact that the three of us (Jennifer, Jennica and I) fight like reality star sisters whenever we get together.  We're always quick to forgive and forget though.  That's just how we roll.  We know that if the shizz ever really hits the fan, we'd each want the others fighting the zombies off along side us.

What was the last fun family vacation you went on?

One more set of pics!

Look at Jeffrey shaking his money maker with the belly dancer! LOL  I did it too! But I don't have pics :(

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